Our Mission

At Spring Oak, retirement is a whole new beginning. We are therefore committed to providing your loved one with the highest quality care possible and ensure that our residents are treated with the utmost kindness, care, and respect. Our goal at Spring Oak is to allow your loved ones to experience the golden years the way they are meant to be.

Our Values

Our Team

The Spring Oak team of dedicated professionals truly value and respect the individuality of each and every one of our residents. Our staff has been carefully hand-picked so that you can feel completely confident in the care provided for your loved one. At Spring Oak, our goal is to provide personalized assistance that allows our residents to preserve their independence and self-respect without compromising on the health care that they receive.

Why We’re Different

Just Like Family

The Spring Oak Communities have been family owned, operated, and managed for over 35 years. It’s no wonder both our residents and staff feel like one large family.

Unique Outlook

At Spring Oak, it’s a whole new beginning. Allow your loved one to live an independent and comfortable life with close access to the health care he or she may need.

Personalized Accommodations

Spring Oak’s private apartments are modern and spacious. As a bonus option, our residents can decorate their own apartments, allowing them to feel truly at home at Spring Oak.

Incredible Amenities

Spring Oak’s programs and amenities are designed to enhance the quality of life for all our residents. At Spring Oak, we make sure you experience retirement the way it’s meant to be.